About us

Are you frustrated with the lack of awareness of the right kind of jewelry? Have you ever wanted high quality fashion wearables at an affordable price? RINGULARITY was created as a start-up with the ambition to address these two concerns. Our team is a small group of like-minded young people who aspire to bring evolving fashion to the forefront.

The story of RINGULARITY started as a ridiculous dream, after I started searching online for a promise ring for my then girlfriend. Unfortunately, I couldn't find what my heart was looking for and had to settle for some mind numbing design just for the occasion. Needless to say, the ring didn't last long neither did the relationship!

I used to be engaged in fashion forums where individuals would pass along advice relating to latest trends. This was when I realized that there were plenty of people in the same dilemma as mine. I just didn't want to fish from the sea, instead I needed that oyster which would present itself with a unique pearl for me. In this context, the fish was the plenty of online jewelry stores and the pearl was to be my one-stop destination for my ring and bracelet needs. Me and my team poured our heart into taking this dream to a reality. For this reason alone, our prime focus in this business are our customers and their satisfaction. We acknowledge the fact that we might be prone to some unforeseen errors during our initial phase and therefore, we would encourage our customers to get back to us with your honest review and comments. This way we could improve this venture of ours every single day.

Your opinions matter to us and is much appreciated especially during this stage in our business. All our products are handmade and most of their raw materials are ethically sourced. Quality is our priority here as much as it is yours. It's our policy to offer all our customers Free Shipping to anywhere in the world.

Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any concerns, require any fashion tips or even have any new product category suggestions. Our following team members (including myself) are available 24x7 at our emails

Mike (Founder)enquiry@ringularity.com
Avs (People's Guy) shopping@ringularity.com
Sree (Fashionista) fashion@ringularity.com

We thank you in advance for taking your time to skim through our store!